Where is your shop?

We are a mobile service and as such do not have a shop. We come to you! However, we do work with several dealers in the Charleston, SC area and would be glad to meet you at one of them should you prefer this to our visiting your job or home.


What areas (cities and towns) does your mobile service unit travel to?

Primarily we cover the tri-county area (Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston) as part of our typical area. However, if you live outside this area, feel free to call us and get a quote for us visiting you. Additionally where practical we can find a dealer or shop to meet at midway.


How long does a repair or recoloring last?

This depends on several factors. The most important factor is how hard YOU are on your vehicle. Do you or your kids eat and drink in your auto? Is this used for business with a lot of getting in and out? Many times the repair holds up fine but the surface can get rubbed or scuffed. Other factors include: sun, the use of cleaning or "armorall" type products, etc. We have had jobs last longer than 6 years, and have also seen them damaged within 6 minutes.


Do you warranty your work?

This is determined and quoted on a per job basis. We offer a one year warranty against the failure of our products or discoloration. On some repairs we offer a specific 90 day warranty against all damage to the repair. Ultimately we are reasonable. If something happens after we do a repair for you, we will work with you to your satisfaction.


Can you tell where you repaired the damage?

Our goal is to make the repair invisible. This means that under normal circumstances, if someone looked at it they could not tell anything had been done. Most of our repairs end like that. Occasionally a job requires a repair that is more protection than cosmetic. Still we do not leave your seat looking like it was "patched".


When coloring a seat, dash, or other things, how close is the color to the original?

Our techs are trained to match color EXACT! Very rarely is our color off by so much as a shade. Some have noted a small difference in the shine or dullness, but this is usually insignificant.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, credit card, Paypal.


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